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WWE is making a lot of behind the scenes decisions that are raising some questions. The coronavirus pandemic exists within the company, with a recent outbreak they try to control, and they don’t let their workers talk about it. This is a problem since transparency does not exist in the publicly listed company.

Mustafa Ali’s idirect to WWE

Mustafa Ali sees what is happening in WWE, and may not approve of it. She sent out three cryptic tweets to indicate how she might feel about this current situation. This was what he said:

“Sometimes what you hear dictates what you see.”

“Fight your fears.”

“It will be greed that steals from us everything that really matters.”

The first tweet is especially interesting because we are hearing a lot of things right now in WWE. The idea that you need to “fight your fears” could also be a reference to the constant backstage pressure that is seemingly occurring within the company, not to leak information and put your life at risk for work.

Mustafa Ali’s latest tweet about greed stealing “everything that really matters” probably speaks for itself. WWE is making a lot of money and they continue to record in Florida.

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