Musician the band El Maguey loses his life for C0VID-19, Mario Pacheco | INSTAGRAM

The C0VID-19 has left more gaps in the music industry than expected, more and more stars are going out and we know that it does not respect gender or social condition and less the moment.

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The Mexican regional genre has been in mourning for some time, as they have already lost several important members, this time a musician from the Banda Maguey lost his life on Monday, July 27, Mario Pacheco, who was the percussionist of the group originally from Villa Corona, Jalisco.

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This terrible news was communicated through the official facebook of the band, where the loss of this great musician and member of the band was reported, who could not avoid becoming infected and losing his life with this terrible virus that has not stopped causing havoc in the world.

There are no statements from his family or close people, but it is believed that he had already been fighting with this virus for several weeks. Mario Pacheco, participated with Banda Maguey and other other groups, such as the Blue Angels, Cuisillos, Pelillos, etc.

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This calls users and fans to continue taking care of themselves, as this situation has not yet ended and the care must not stop, as many people think that it has already ended and have been leaving without any protection.

Banda Maguey is a musical group originally from Villa Corona, Jalisco in Mexico, interpreters of music from the techno-band genre, quebradita, and ranchera, was formed in 1991 with Ernesto solano, who was a vocalist, composer, and leader.

They belong to the genre called technobanda, although it is also possible to find rancheras, ballads, bachatas, cumbias and band in their repertoire. In 2006, Ernesto Solano decided to undertake a solo career, the same year they recorded an album celebrating his 15-year career and the entry of the two new vocalists.