Music without headphones and without being heard by others

An Israeli company works on an audio device that « puts music in your head », creating a personal sound bubble called the SoundBeamer.

A sound bubble just for you: An Israeli company is developing a system that allows music to be broadcast without headphones and without people listening.

The system is called SoundBeamer 1.0, from the company Noveto, and works by tracking the position of the user’s ear. The device sends out ultrasonic waves that create small sound waves.

It can be connected via Bluetooth with another device and will be available by the end of 2021.

This is how SoundBeamer technology works

SoundBeamer 1.0 technology uses a 3D sensing module to locate and track the position of the ears.

« Until now there have been two ways of listening to audio: with speakers or with headphones, » says Noveto. « We present a third way, with sensory listening. »

« It will change the way people experience audio », highlights the Israeli company on its website. « Move your head in any direction and the sound will magically follow you. »

The Associated Press explains that it was able to test the device, describing the system as « a sensation of direct listening to a science fiction movie. » « It feels like it’s inside your ears, but also in front, above and behind them. »

Christophe Ramstein is the CEO of the company, and was interviewed by the AP. « The brain doesn’t understand what it doesn’t know, » he said of the SoundBeamer’s effect on people’s ears.

“Is it the same with headphones? No, because I have the freedom to move and do what I want to do. I have these sounds in my head without anyone else hearing them ”.

« But everything is difficult to explain, because we have no reference for that, » Ramstein stressed.