Music and family celebration: this is how Manuel Carrasco lives ‘this strange time’

These have been very difficult months for everyone. The coronavirus pandemic has turned our entire lives upside down and it seems that "new normal" has come to stay. Nothing has ever been the same again and there are many actors, singers, models … who are experiencing it in the first person. One of them is Manuel Carrasco, who has reappeared on social networks to share a message with his fans. "I’ve been quite absent these last few months. A little for everything and a little for nothing, you know this strange time … I miss so many things … You, especially", has confessed the interpreter of Let me be, who has been very sincere when talking about the situation he is living. VIEW GALLERY The one who was a contestant on the second edition of Operación Triunfo has picked up his guitar to record a video in which he performs the song Pencil and Ink, by El Último de la Fila, which has moved his followers. "I sing to you a little and by the way I sing to myself, who hasn’t done it for a long time …"says the singer, who has given them the best gift he could give them. "Wishing to see you again on stage", "How we missed you, we will always be here to support you", "This nightmare will soon pass and we can celebrate it", "Surely these rare months are serving to bring out new songs" or "We need your music moments", are some messages that have been sent. – Like father Like Son! The concert of Chloe, daughter of Manuel Carrasco and Almudena Navalón Also many colleagues, as is the case of Dani Martín: "What a temarral! Big Manuel"; India Martinez: "What a nice manueeeee"; Lorena Gomez: "Piece of theme!"; La Mari de Chambao: "What a joy to listen to you and what a great song you have chosen. Big hug and kisses for the family"; or Vega: "There are the people that we sing, and then there are you … that when you sing you pour your soul out of your mouth. Great song. I’m a fan of the unplugged electric moment". In addition, other friends have written to him such as Amelia Bono, Sara Carbonero, Bibiana Fernández … SEE GALLERY Family celebration Despite the fact that Manuel Carrasco has shown his nostalgia in these difficult times, they have also been very happy days for the family. On November 10, the singer and his wife, Almudena Navalón, celebrated the eight months of life of their second child, who has become the joy of the house with his older sister, Chloe. "Happy 8 months my goldo. How rich the sun was on my skin and your little tugs of hair. Loves you mommy", was the beautiful message that Almudena dedicated to him next to a photo in which he remembered the summer days.