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Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), organizing a mass event is irresponsible. That said, many want to celebrate the national holidays in some way. For this reason, people from different municipalities in Mexico decided to get to work to give the Cry of Independence in Minecraft.

Clara Luz Flores, municipal president of Escobedo, Nuevo León, announced that the Grito de Independencia of her municipality will take place in Minecraft. The tape is on September 15 at 8:00 PM Central Mexico time.

Players who access this celebration will enter a server that tries to recreate part of Escopedo and its central square within the world of Minecraft. So, it turns out to be a good alternative to celebrate tonight.

However, it is important to note that other citizens have had similar ideas, although they will do so without government support and in other ways. For example, Karmaland MID, a group of players from Merida, decided to celebrate the Cry of Independence from their Minecraft server. Although the server doors will not be open, you will be able to follow them from a transmission.

How to enter the Cry of Independence in Minecraft?

If you have Minecraft, you probably want to be part of this celebration. After all, there are few times that national holidays are combined in such an original way with gaming.

It is for this reason that below we give you the steps to enter the virtual celebration we are talking about:

Select the Play option
Go to the Servers tab
Press Add server
Put Escobedo N.L on behalf of the management
Enter as the IP address
Choose port 25613

Did you have any doubts? Next, we leave you a video with the steps to enter:

And to you, what did you think of this idea? Do you know another municipality that is going to give the Cry of Independence in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments.

Minecraft is available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, mobiles and previous generation consoles. You can learn more about this sandbox by clicking here.