Munich unfolds the rainbow in the city and in the stadium

06/23/2021 at 9:21 PM CEST


The Munich people deployed this Wednesday rainbow colors in various parts of the city and they showed some flags, not many, in the Allianz Arena stadium stands as a show of solidarity with the LGTB collective in Hungary.

The goal and captain of the German team, Manuel Neuer, wore the rainbow colored bracelet again that he had used in the first two matches of the European Championship.

The actions started in the city ​​hall, who had asked UEFA to illuminate the stadium in rainbow colors for the game against Hungary.

The UEFA rejected the request, alleging that it was bound to political neutrality and that the petition specifically referred to the new Hungarian legislation, considered discriminatory towards homosexuals.

The agency’s decision has generated harsh criticism, including the mayor of munich, Dieter Reiter, who called it “embarrassing“, and opted for a series of actions before the fact that not being able to illuminate the stadium, due to the contract that the city has with UEFA for Eurocup matches

The first clear sign was seen from the morning hours with rainbow flags adorning the city hall on the Marienplatz in the Bavarian capital.

parallel several NGOs had distributed small banners in the colors of the rainbow, some of which were seen in the stands.

Later they lit up with rainbow colors various buildings, among them the tower of the Olympic Village, as well as a windmill that can usually be seen clearly from the Allianz Arena although this Wednesday the rain and bad weather did not help

The German Government had declared “non-negotiable“the values ​​represented by the rainbow colors which, he said, are respect for human dignity and the rejection of all forms of discrimination.

The rainbow represents a series of values ​​such as tolerance and rejection of discrimination, for example because of sexual orientation. Those values ​​are anchored in our constitution and are not negotiable, “said Home Office spokesman Steve Alter.

Both Alter and the Government Spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, avoided directly criticizing UEFA but they defended the meaning of the colors of the rainbow.

It is about the values ​​of the EU of which Hungary is a part“, Seibert said when questioned if it would be good for him if the Hungarians brought flags with the rainbow crossed out, considering that this was defending their values.

Seibert also recalled that the Chancellor Angela Merkel had criticized the new Hungarian legislation in parliament.

Former German international Thomas Hitzlperger, who made public his homosexuality after finishing his career as an asset, said that fortunately the UEFA decision had unleashed a debate in many places, perhaps more effective than lighting up the stadium with rainbow colors.

UEFA has underestimated the reactions that he would have such a decision and now he has to realize that it is not enough to give your logo the colors of the rainbow one day“Hitzlperger said in statements to the Second German Television Network (ZDF).

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