Muniain defied the curse, touched the Cup … and paid dearly

In football, and in sport in general, there is a superstition that all teams tend to strictly abide by before each final, which is not to touch the trophy when taking the field. There are even those who prefer not to look at it. And when a player decides to defy the curse, it is common for them to end up with the silver medal around their neck. In the end of the Copa del Rey that measured Athletic and Real society the one who did it was Iker Muniain.

The captain of the Bilbao team He touched the trophy and what happened next is history. Real Sociedad ended up winning the first Basque final in La Cartuja thanks to a penalty goal from Oyarzabal and Muniain with the runner-up plate. It is possible that in 15 days, in this year’s Cup final against Barcelona, ​​he will think twice.