Mummified, Emmy Winner Found Under Trash

Mummified, Emmy Winner Found Under Trash | INSTAGRAM

The set designer and designer from production American, Evelyn Sakash, Award Winner Emmy Whose whereabouts were unknown since last September, she was found without a vine at the age of 66, her family, friends and followers are very shocked.

It is important to emphasize that Evelyn was also known for her strong tendency to accumulate things, since, according to reports, she was found lifeless under a pile of garbage in her own home, within the city of New York.

That’s right, as you read it, the body of Sakash He was found last Tuesday, March 30, in the afternoon, under a pile of rubble that was inside the kitchen of his house in Queens, a city police spokesman confirmed to one of the most recognized magazines in the United States.

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In the same way, the local authorities also assured that the forensic doctors were working to determine the cause of death, although the authorities do not suspect any type of criminal motive or something like that, since everything seems to indicate that it was treated fairly. from a terrible accident.

For its part, the sister of the producer, Ellen brown, admitted that he could not contact her since last October, and, at the same time that he told the press his information, he described the designer as a “very accumulating person.”

In fact, this was the reason why, without much thought, it was finally decided to travel to New York and hire a company to clean Evelyn’s house, not knowing anything about her, her relatives decided to ask the experts for help so that This will somehow help them locate the producer.

And, it was the employees of this cleaning company who found Sakash’s mummified body, explained Madeline O’Connell Hartling, who created a GoFundMe campaign in December to raise funds to find her.

Likewise, in recent interviews with family and close friends, Brow mentioned to the New York Daily Mail that what he was experiencing was simply devastating, stating that his sister “had a full life. She had extraordinary talent. She had a brilliant mind. .

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I don’t want my sister to be remembered like that, how they found her, “he added.
In fact, her sister highlighted how generous she was always with her family and friends with some beautiful words: “Each of her friends would say that she was the first person to step forward if someone needed help, I want all of that to be their final memory, and not that they found it in bad condition. “

In her more than 30-year career as a set decorator and production designer in the world of film and television, Evelyn Sakash has worked on shows like “Sesame Street,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “Law and Order. : Criminal Attempt “.

Among his major accomplishments is winning an Emmy for Outstanding Achievements in Art Direction, Set Decoration, and Stage Design in 2003 for his work on “Between the Lions.”

In addition, he had another nomination the following year and was featured in a dozen films, including: “Taxi”; “Sirens”, the great success of Cher and Winona Ryder; “Always Alice,” with Julianne Moore; and the romantic comedy “Made in America.”

Currently, in GoFundMe his relatives are raising funds to pay the funeral expenses, and the goal is to reach $ 10,000 and everything seems to indicate that the goal has already been reached.

Rest in peace Evelyn Sakash, and we wish early resignation to the family.