Multiple victims of pedestrian bridge collapse in Washington, DC

The Fire Department shared photos on its Twitter account.

Photo: Washington DC Fire Department / Courtesy

A pedestrian bridge collapsed on a major highway in the city of Washington, DC, the Fire Department reported.

At least six people were injured, four of which were transported to a hospital. One of the victims was trapped in a car crushed by the structure.

The events occurred on the I-195 road.

The fire department shared images on Twitter showing debris, including concrete slabs and metal mesh, piled up on the wheel of a vehicle at one end of the bridge.

Local channel WZDC-TV, an affiliate of NBC News, indicated that at least four cars were affected by the collapse.

The bridge connected Northeast Polk Street with the western side of Kenilworth Avenue, near Douglas Street NE.

The collapse caused heavy traffic in the area and it is unknown how long the road will be closed.

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