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For several years, the issue of timeshare in Mexico has generated controversy, because while the owners of several teams defend that they are protecting the country’s soccer economy, many others do not see this practice as ethically correct.

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We tell you that Mexican soccer conglomerates have several teams.

1. Orlegi Group

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Grupo Orlegui, headed by Alejandro Irrarragori, owns Santos and Atlas in Liga MX. Their first team were the laguneros, which they acquired in 2006. Since 2019, they also own the red and black. In the Second Division, they also have 50% of the Tampico Madero.

2. Hot Group

Grupo Caliente had two teams in the First Division until just a few days ago. The conglomerate headed by Jorgealberto Hank owned Querétaro, which they bought only in 2019, but have sold again. Now, the group ‘only’ has the Xolos from Tijuana and the Dorados from Culiacán in second.

3. Pachuca Group

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Perhaps the best-known timeshare in Liga MX. Grupo Pachuca owns the Tuzos as well as the León, both competitive teams that have been protagonists in recent years. The Pachuca belongs to them since 1995 and the Fair since 2011. In the old Ascenso MX, they are owners of the Miners of Zacatecas.

4. RAG Capital Partners

The most recent timeshare in Mexican soccer. Manuel Velarde and RAG Capital Partners are the owners of the Atlante in the Second Division and just a week ago, several shareholders of the group were the entrepreneurs behind the purchase of Querétaro, which will remain at its headquarters and in Liga MX.

5. Salinas Group

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Grupo Salinas, better known as the owners of TV Azteca. In the soccer field, they are known as the owners of the missing Monarchs of Morelia, now Mazatlán FC. Currently, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, leader of the group, has shares in Puebla and from 2013 to 2019 the Atlas was his.