Mulan, its premiere for July is in danger | Reform

The release of Mulán’s live-action tape is in danger of taking place on July 24 next, because coronavirus cases do not cease in the United States.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood is concerned that the premiere may have to give up your date and need to move to other safer dates.

The film needs the theaters in Los Angeles and New York They are open, since they are the two largest film markets in the country, however both cities are a concern for the increase in infections.

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There is also the matter of China, where there has been a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, so there is no launch day either.

Mulan, who was originally slated for a launch on March 27th, before the coronavirus pandemic, is led by Niki Caro and starring Liu Yifei as the legendary warrior.

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This motion picture film since it was announced that it would have Live Action of the animation, many users were happy, however, while giving some news regarding the changes that many would be making constantly. users were dissatisfied.

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Later, with the constant changes of date, more Internet users were dissatisfied, however, the reason was justified because due to the confinement by the sanitary measures caused by the current pandemic.

Although some countries have returned to their habitual activities the situation with the pandemic continues only that much stricter measures are now being taken in all affected countries.

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And although the tape directed by Niki Caro It would become one of the great bets of the company but until the moment when the announcement of the reopening of the cinemas finally arrived, which were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the new news to be able to enjoy Mulán in its Live Action version.

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