Much more than a revocation referendum

Republicans pulled the lever for the revocation of the California Governor’s mandate with their sights set on Washington. A recent modification of the electoral rules of the richest and most populated state in the country allowed them to convene a consultation with 12% of the signatures of voters who participated in the last elections, a threshold much lower than their mobilization capacity.

Flying the flag of outrage over the pandemic restrictions, many Republicans have pinned their hopes on ultra-conservative journalist, lawyer and politician Larry Elder. A declared admirer of Donald Trump and follower of his populist postulates, Elder has not hesitated to lash out at Gavin Newsom’s management on the many open fronts that California has: pandemic, drought, fires, insecurity …

He has also made it clear that he will end the Democratic majority in the Senate if the opportunity arises. This is a real possibility that the White House has taken very seriously, since California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is 88 years old, there are doubts about her health and she may have to leave office before 2025, when her term expires. . In this case, the Governor of the state is the one who chooses the replacement, and Elder has already said that he will appoint a Republican, with which they would regain control of the Senate, carom and for a seat.

Thanks to the “lever” of California, the Republicans could apply the “brake” of the Senate in many of the policies promoted from the White House. This de facto blockade scenario would add to a “horribilis” summer for the US president, whose declining popularity has finally sunk with the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. And all one year before the midterm elections, a crucial appointment for the Biden Administration to carry out its ambitious government plans.

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