Much more than a number


« Much more than a number », the weekly statistical summary of theNational Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec). In this new episode we will address the news of the statistical calendar.

The first post of the week was Monthly valuation of the basic food basket and the total basic basket corresponding to January 2021.

What goods does the Basic Food Basket? What is its difference with the price index? How much did the CBA and what is the difference with the CBT?


On the other hand, the results of the construction cost index for the first month of the year, the ICC as we call it by its acronym.

How much was the monthly increase? Which of its components was the one that increased the most?

Finally, we spread the wholesale price index system of January 2021, indices that, as we told you in other episodes, correspond to the prices at which the producers sell their products, not those that consumers find in wholesale stores.

How much did it increase? What do the abbreviations IPIM, IPIB, IPP mean?