The best sales we have found this week grouped to please any type of PC or console player.

By Manuel Buzn / Updated May 6, 2020, 18: 234 comments

This week the popularly known as “gives of force” by fans of Star wars. Because of this, there are many offers and discounts that we have seen around this mythical saga; But, there is much more to highlight when it comes to sales. Therefore, we return with our Hunting for bargains once again, to help you, as much as possible, find the best bargains of the week.

Offers on peripherals and accessories

Starting with our most prominent peripherals and accessories, this week we find very interesting offers in the sound section; as well as some desktop mice that have little to envy the detestable of the big brands. Without further ado, these are our favorite offers:

HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones for 42.95 euros (Regular price 59.95 euros). The Cloud Stingers are a somewhat different proposal from the rest of the company’s headphones; more focused on offering an affordable product, but also valid and, above all, comfortable to play. This small discount leaves them below 50 euros, and they offer a lot for that price.Ratn Endgame Gear XM1 V2 for 52.95 euros (Regular price 59.96 euros). Endgame is a small German company that seems to understand what makes high-end mice good, its XM1 is proof of this; Eliminate unnecessary elements such as RGB or accessories to offer a light, comfortable and highly capable mouse. With its sale, it stays at the same price as the Logitech G502 currently, Ratn Ozone Neon 3K for 24.90 euros (Regular price 34.90 euros). The Neon 3K is a symmetrical mouse, with a clear preference for palm grip. Its sensor is very decent and its construction is firm. For the 25 euros it costs right now it is a highly recommended option.Razer Huntsman keyboard for 79.99 euros (Regular price 159.99 euros). The Razer Huntsman has the company’s most advanced switches, as well as a more in-line finish than we see today from the Green Viper brand. These switches are optical and configurable to taste, very successful to play. What is not so accurate is the price of this keyboard, in the highest range of the main brands; but, with the current discount, it is a recommended purchase for those looking for optical switches to play Webcam AverMedia PW313 for 79.90 euros (Regular price 95 euros). Although it is not for the use of all players, many people like to record or broadcast live today. The PW313 from AverMedia is a good webcam for those who start in this task, especially after its sale. Speakers Trust GXT 638 Tytan for 74.95 euros (Regular price 99.95 euros). The GXT 638 are well-built speakers with a powerful subwoofer that enhances the usual sounds in our video games. After their current reduction, they go from being acceptable for their price, to a recommended purchase for those looking for a 2.1 team to play in. LG 32UK550 monitor for 369 euros (Regular price 419 euros). 4K resolution below 400 euros, in a good VA panel and with interesting features to play, such as FreeSync or very low input lag. Those are the virtues of the LG 32UK550 after its current reduction.HP Omen Z7Y57 monitor for 191.20 euros (Regular price 239 euros). This monitor from the Omen brand, the line for gamers from HP, offers us a careful aesthetics, a high refresh TN panel and a very low added latency; All this to make it a panel designed to be accompanied by very fast-cut competitive titles. Drift DR111 chair for 166.90 euros (Regular price 239.90 euros). We don’t emphasize enough the value of a good chair for our gaming sessions, especially if they occur regularly and for long hours. Regardless of their aesthetics, Drift gaming chairs are highly recognized by players; This model, the DR111, is a complete but affordable proposal, which is now even more so after this sale.

Component and PC deals

As for PC components, this week we have a large part of the mid-range of Nvidia at a very interesting price. In addition to this, some interest reductions in other components and a significant reduction in a Preconfigured PC that we wanted to bring you here today:

GPU KFA2 RTX 2060 Super for 379.94 euros (Regular price 459.95 euros). Performance even with the old GTX 1070 Ti at a lower price than this at the time of its release and with compatibility with exclusive features of RTX cards, such as DLSS, which may be of interest to card users. This is what we can expect from this card for the current price: Zotac GTX 1660 Super GPU for 239.90 euros (Regular price 259.90 euros). The GTX 1660 Super is the most interesting mid-range graphics from Nvidia today. It has great performance in FHD, good ability to move titles to a high quality in 1440p and a price below 250 euros after its sale. Corsair Crystal 680X RGB tower for 209 euros (Regular price 249.99 euros). A good PC tower can be the difference between high-end equipment that is overheated and has constant errors, and one with optimal performance. The Corsair 680X, although expensive, we believe is one of the most interesting towers to fulfill this task. With its current discount it does not become affordable, but it is cheaper.Intel Core i7-9700K processor for 355.96 euros (Regular price 501.95 euros). Possibly the best processor to play from Intel in terms of value for money; especially, with the rise in price of the i7-8700K and the lack of stock of the i9-9900K. For the 355 euros that it costs now it is one of the best options of the blue giant. Crucial Ballistix Elite memory modules for 149 euros (Regular price 174 euros). Ballistix are usually Crucial’s quickest memories and these modules are no exception. Up to 3600 MHz with its XMP profile accompany a relatively low latency in these two modules that add, between the two, the 16 GB of memory.PC Premounted HP Omen 880 for 1,679.20 euros (Regular price 2,099 euros). Without a doubt, Preassembled PCs are not the favorite option of many players; But, in the case of this Omen model, with its current downgrade, we believe it may be a good option. An i7-9700K on a Z390 chipset board, 16GB of memory and an RTX 2070 are its main protagonists.

Deals on gaming laptops

Continuing with our usual section for laptops, this week there is not much to highlight in terms of models. But all those exposed are, in our opinion, very attractive proposals. These are these proposals:

Asus Rog Strix Scar III laptop for 1,576.54 euros (Regular price 1,805.59 euros). From Asus we have the Strix Scar III, a complete and heavy laptop, whose greatest virtues are its RTX 2070 at the command of the graphics section, its high refresh screen and its ninth generation i7 of the high performance series for laptops. An expensive bet, but that will assure us a performance that has little to envy to a desktop of its same characteristics.Porttil MSI GF65 Thin for 979 euros (Regular price 1,199 euros). The MSI Thin series is characterized by thin and discreet lines, which are usually accompanied by a more robust internal section. This case is not an exception, and we have a laptop starring an RTX 2060 that will give a lot of itself on the 120Hz IPS panel that the team uses. One of the most interesting proposals this week is this Gigabyte Aorus 5. Although, as far as graphic muscle is concerned, it is behind the previous proposals, the strength of this model lies in its construction, cooling and additions such as the keyboard, or the high refresh panel. In addition, the reduction that it currently has is very substantial, as well as the reason that we highlight it, something that, at its original price, would cost us much more.HP Gaming Pavilion 15 for 599 euros (Regular price 699 euros). It also appeared last week, but it is that this Pavilion continues to maintain an attractive price for one more week and, as a result, it continues to be one of the laptops to play with the most adjusted price-performance ratio; even in spite of its smaller graphic muscle.

Offers on PS4 games

For the Sony console, the sales of the week have an RPG aftertaste thanks to the intervention of World of Final Fantasy; but it also has all the action and tension of other titles that we have wanted to highlight, either because of the interesting nature of its reduction or the title itself:

World of Final Fantasy (Digital) for 12.49 euros (Regular price 24.99 euros). This curious tribute to the series created by Sakaguchi has a very entertaining turn-based combat system and an aesthetic and theme that gives it its own personality.Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (Digital) for 7.49 euros (Regular price 14.99 euros). We recently explored whether this installment of the mythical horror saga needs its own remake. With the offer that it currently has in the PS Store, we can draw our own conclusions about it: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (Physical) for 49.99 euros (Regular price 79.99 euros). The new adventure of the most beloved Saiyan seems to have penetrated deep among the fans. This is the best price that your physical edition has had on Amazon since its launch.Marvels Spider-Man (Physical) for 17.94 euros (Regular price 39.98 euros). Spider-Man’s return to solo video games came from Isnomiac a few years ago and became one of the most recognized titles on the Sony console. For those who do not have it yet, this offer can be very interesting: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (Physical) for 13.99 euros (Regular price 16.99 euros). The last adventure of the mythical RPG saga is in physics for a most appetizing price on Amazon.

Xbox One Game Deals

Those of Redmond continue with their interesting offers for their Gold members. In this case, we have the most “open” title of the beloved Yakuza saga as an accompaniment to other great names, such as Assasins Creed, or Star Wars. These are said discounts:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Gold Edition (Digital) for 34.99 euros (Regular price 99.99 euros). If AC: Odyssey already offers many hours of gameplay by itself, this pack includes all its expansions and additional content; In addition, add two extras of great interest: the remaster of Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed Liberation Yakuza 0 (Digital) for 14.99 euros (Regular price 19.99 euros). The Yakuza saga is, to say the least, peculiar; but also very loved by his fans. It is one of the most popular Sega series in active use and present in the current video game. This installment is a “start” within the saga, making it perfect for getting involved in the story of Kazuma. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Physical) for € 39.95 (Regular Price € 69.95). On the occasion of May 4, a multitude of offers appeared around the franchise games. Of the last that has seen the light, this is one of the most interesting offers currently; Applicable to the two main consoles, but, this time, we wanted to highlight the Microsoft console, Remnant: From the Ashes (Physical) for 25.89 euros (Regular price 39.95 euros). Its charismatic theme is one of the attractions of this cooperative cut Loot-Shooter. Enjoyable alone, or in company.

Offers on games for Nintendo Switch

The best-known hybrid console shooter is on sale in the Japanese digital store, along with these offers, other titles of great interest that have a discount of interest. These are the sales that we wanted to highlight:

Splatoon 2 (Digital) for 39.99 euros (Regular price 59.99 euros). Shooter techniques and an eminently platformer map scroll are two of the many curious mixtures of this casual title of anthropomorphic squid that we recommend to all users of the Nintendo hybrid console Cuphead (Digital) for 14.99 euros (Regular price 19 , 99 euros). Cuphead sparked interest from his mere introduction. After a good time with the project in suspense, we had one of the most fun and entertaining 2D Boss-Rush of the current generation Star Wars Jedi Academy (Digital) for 16.99 euros (Regular price 19.99 euros ). The PC classic recently saw the light on the Nintendo console. This is one of the most beloved titles in the video games of the famous franchise, which is now also celebrating. Darksiders Genesis (Physical) for 24.89 euros (Regular price 40.00 euros). The latest adventure in the THQ Nordic series tells the story of one of the riders who has raised the most interest among fans of the series since its inception; and this is one of their best physical offers, which is repeated on the other consoles in the store.

Deals on PC games

On PC we have some of the most interesting offers this week. Most of them in the form of packs, from which we can choose what we want; Although we can also find some individual title of the most interesting. These are said discounts:

(Steam) Indie Mega Booth (Sale up to 80%). The Indie Mega Booth is an event dedicated to sharing the virtues of the most independent video game scene. On the occasion of this celebration, Steam has arranged discounts in a multitude of these titles, among which we highlight the preciousness of titles such as The Gardens in Between. (GOG) Telltale Games Sale (25% sale in adventures). Several of Teltale’s titles are on sale at GOG. We want to highlight The Wolf Among Us for being one of our favorite proposals of the company. (Fanatical) Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition for 22.49 euros (Regular price 49.99 euros). Devil May Cry V has been one of the most acclaimed releases of the past year, as well as the return of a saga much loved by lovers of Hack ‘n Slash. With this discount, we have your special edition at a price that can hardly be improved (Humble Store) Sierra the Bundle for 11 euros (Sierra Software game pack). Some of the great titles of the mythical Sierra, both ancient and present, make up a pack that promises us hours of fun and bewilderment. Either by managing our city in Caesar, or trying to figure out what we should do now in King Quest.

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