Mr Tempo reveals if Chiquis Rivera is pregnant

Mr Tempo reveals if Chiquis Rivera is pregnant (Reform)

Mr Tempo reveals if Chiquis Rivera is pregnant | Reform

Mr Tempo Again he returns to the spotlight, this time the businessman wasted no time and appeared to talk about his relationship with Chiquis Rivera and about whether the singer is pregnant.

The businessman who became famous after he was romantically linked to Jenni Rivera’s daughter after some images in which they could be seen in romantic mode appeared on the program Suelta la Sopa to talk about a new account of Chiquis Rivera.

Mr Tempo assured that he remains in direct contact with the interpreter of Cheer up and you will see through whatsapp; however, what was between them had come to an end and they would never see them together again.

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But the businessman not only spoke about his relationship with the famous, but also spoke about the rumors that Chiquis Rivera is waiting for what would be his first child next to Lorenzo Mendez.

Totally sure of his words, Mr Tempo assured that Janey marin She is not pregnant and that the media took advantage of a photograph that had been taken more than two years ago next to Méndez to imply that she was pregnant and to make a joke to her brothers.

You are not pregnant. I spoke to her, it was a photographer or a reporter, I don’t know, who took that photo, which is from two and a half years ago, which was a joke for her brothers, the businessman said.

However, Mr Tempo assured that he will continue to be related to Chiquis Rivera’s daughter as they plan to launch a tequila together and business continues.

Regarding the words of Mr Tempo, Chiquis Rivera decided not to remain silent and sent a message on her Instagram stories where the singer made it more than clear that she will not launch said product with the man at the moment.

I can not with lying people … there is nothing else that I dislike … EXCLUSIVELY for my friends on Twitter: I have no plans to make a tequila with anyone at the moment, the interpreter stressed.

Eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera she asked her followers not to believe everything they see, hear, or read about her; But she decided to put the bad vibes aside and asked to focus on something that makes her very happy, her nominations for Premios Lo Nuestro.

The uproar reached Chiquis Rivera when she announced that her marriage with Lorenzo Méndez had come to an end. The interpreter wrote a statement on her official Instagram account where she noted that “with a heavy heart” she gave the news that she and her husband would take different paths.

The famous one assured that the separation was by mutual agreement and that like many other things about their relationship, they had decided to reveal it themselves to their followers. However, a host denied it and assured that Lorenzo Méndez learned of their separation in the same way as his followers, through Chiquis Rivera’s Instagram. He pointed out that the former vocalist of the Original was in another city working on a radio station when he found out what happened.

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After this, images of Chiquis appeared next to Mr Tempo in a very romantic way and the businessman gained great popularity and media attention. Many assured that Mr Tempo only used the image of the Diva of the Band to obtain fame and free publicity since he even held a press conference to talk about what had happened with the singer.

Chiquis Rivera has discredited the businessman on social networks, noting that it was all a trap to advertise himself, as happened on this occasion in which he even talked about whether he is pregnant or not.