Mozilla VPN is now available for Linux and Mac

Mozilla VPN Expands Horizons and Post Launch on Windows and Android now available for Linux and Mac computers. It kicks off in six countries, the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia, and will launch in more regions soon.

You already know it. Mozilla announced in late 2018 that it was working on its own VPN service and introduced it a few months later as a browser extension and part of Mozilla’s Test Pilot program for users in the United States. The subsequent switch from Firefox Private Network to Mozilla VPN was aimed at achieving greater visibility and separating it from browser development.

Their motivation is clear, as an initiative to achieve additional income and avoid the current heavy reliance on Google, whose payment to include its search engine in the foundation’s products (mainly Firefox) covers the vast majority of its budget. As Firefox’s market share declines as it has, Mozilla is in a worse position to negotiate with Google or other vendors in its case.

Mozilla VPN on Linux and Mac

In case you do not know this type of technology, comment that VPN is a network technology that allows you to safely extend a local network over a public network such as the Internet. Very useful in companies to connect offices, technical services or remote accesses, it is also used at the consumption level to improve privacy, bypass region locks, or bypass censorship.

Mozilla’s VPN comes to cover a growing service that is increasingly used by consumers of all kinds. The version for Linux and Mac works in a similar way to that of Windows and Android already marketed, based on the protocol WireGuard, the next standard for creating Linux VPN connections.

The service allows the connection of up to five devices from any of the supported platforms and users can choose to connect to a network of more than 280 servers located in 30 countries. As for the primary service provider, it depends on the type of content, but in neither case is network activity recorded.

Mozilla’s VPN is priced at $ 4.99 per month. It is not the cheapest option on the market because the VPN segment is tremendously competitive, but it is a reasonable cost for what it offers. In addition, Mozilla assures that they are giving up a part of income to maintain user privacy, a value imposed as a principle since the foundation’s creation and that no “free” VPN can offer.