Mozilla has decided to temporarily shut down the Firefox Send file delivery system to investigate the use made by the distributors of malicious programs tool and implement a system to report abuse.

The drastic movement has occurred, says ZDNet, after sending some questions about the problem of sending malware through the platform.

“These reports are deeply troubling at multiple levels and our organization is taking steps to address them.”

The outlet wrote to Mozilla to inquire about the problems caused by the community dedicated to the distribution of malicious programs using the platform and the status of implementation of a mechanism to report abuse. A month ago, security researchers submitted a bug report to Mozilla, also requesting that they add an abuse reporting system.

Shortly after the questions were sent, the service was suspended.

Closed while improvements are being made

Firefox Send

“These reports are deeply troubling at multiple levels and our organization is taking steps to address them.”, a Mozilla spokesperson explained to ZDNet. The first and main measure is closure.

“We will temporarily take Firefox Send out of service while making improvements to the product. Before relaunching it, we will add an abuse reporting mechanism to augment the existing feedback form and require all users who wish to share content using Firefox Send to register with a Firefox account. “

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This movement, which for now does not have a fixed schedule, has left the operation of the file sending service with encryption suspended. Any Firefox Send link we have will not work right now. If we enter its website, we will find a message reporting the suspension “while we work on product improvements”.

The problem is not minor for Mozilla. You are going to have to find a way to make your service truly reliable without compromising the security of users and companies.

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