Movistar integrates sign language to make its customer service more accessible

Movistar facilitates access to customer service for all those who have hearing difficulties: from now on the 1004 offers support for video calls with sign language. It will be possible to hire new services and solve all kinds of doubts.

Few are the people who have not ever called the customer service of the operators to hire a service, resolve doubts with the contract or express their complaints. These services are very useful from the mobile since a voice call usually solves any problem. Now, what if someone with a hearing impairment needs to deal with an agent? In that case, written contact is used, but Movistar has decided to improve its accessibility by integrating sign language into its support.

Video calls with sign language

Sign language videoconference from mobile apps

Movistar facilitates access to its customer service for all people who suffer from hearing difficulties, whether total or partial. Thanks to the collaboration with the State Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE), the operator has inaugurated customer service through sign language. For this, a video call is used through the video interpretation service (SVisual); or it is possible to use an application that brings this service to Android and iPhone mobiles.

Support via video call not done directly with the 1004 since those in charge of offering assistance need to establish communication by video call: SVisual is in charge of offering specialized access. Movistar has formed a team of telemarketers from 1004 who will be in charge of speaking with users through sign language. And all the procedures using the videoconferencing system, both through the web and the mobile, will be official and are guaranteed by Movistar.

Customer service through sign language It is operational from Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.. This service will attend to the usual questions of 1004, such as hiring rates, inquiries and any other questions related to Movistar.

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Movistar integrates sign language to make its customer service more accessible