Movistar + crashes in Q4 2020 and loses more than 70,000 subscribers

Football does not improve its figures and Movistar + loses more than 70,000 subscribers in the last quarter of 2020, 1.74% of subscribers.

The premium television platform of the largest operator in Spain, Movistar +, continues to accumulate negative quarters after a Q4 of 2020 in which more than 70,000 subscribers were left behind, which figures the loss in 1.74% of its users at the beginning of the quarter, as the companions of told us.

In fact, it’s been a while since the debate on the content and the high costs paid by Movistar for sports such as football exclusively for their platforms is among us, and it seems that time is agreeing with the competition because the blue operator does not go back and accumulates more losses after a Q3 of 2020 in which it also lost another 50,000 subscribers, when it was assumed that the beginning of sports campaigns would bring him a good number of registrations.

Movistar +, Telefónica’s ‘premium’ digital television service.

In fact, it is that we can think that the fall was greater precisely because of this detail, and that is exclusive football surely attracted new customers to Movistar + that made up this negative second half of 2020, since the platform is the only one that offers practically all national and international soccer competitions in Spain.

Since mid-2019, Movistar + has accumulated slow losses of users that have been constant until falling for the first time in the last two years of 4 million subscribers … And that despite the exclusive content!

DAZN comes to Movistar +: Premier League, Moto GP and more for Movistar customers

The good news for the company led by José María Álvarez-Pallete is that continue to hover around 50% user share among all the premium digital television platforms of the Spanish operators, although certainly drop below 4 million subscribers for the first time since 2019 sure that Movistar has not been too funny.

Not in vain, since the summer of 2019 in which the blue operator had 4,104,592 million users subscribers to Movistar +, the falls have been slow but constant up to 3,930,866 customers as of December 31, 2020 with those who closed the last year.

Pay TV market in Spain, Q4 of 2020.

This is how the pay TV market was in Spain, at the end of last year 2020.

Looking at the competition, it seems that Vodafone has managed to convince more customers, with more than 78,000 new households connected to its digital television although the British openly renounced football due to its low profitability.

The red operator was second in the market as of December 31, 2020, with a number of 1,609,686 subscribers that almost triples the 673,974 of Orange where national football is also available, and which has remained very close to the Euskaltel group with its brands in the north of Spain.

Telefónica has lost revenue with its pay television platforms, something like 8% year-on-year in Q4 2020, but the company seems focused on maintaining its strategies to enrich its content to try to get back to the green numbers in terms of the number of subscribers, even though indeed their prices are surely above from the competition.

We will have to wait to confirm if these movements of bring more and more content to Movistar + even if prices increase agrees with them, although for now, it seems that users have reached their limit and many are already in other operators … Is this your perception of the ‘telecos’ market in Spain?

This is how the Spanish mobile telephony and broadband market is distributed, with Movistar leading

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