It is official. After several weeks of rumors, leaks and confirmations, the Movistar Conecta Max rate is now available. This new modality dispenses with television to lower its price, but in return it offers us more gigabytes to browse on mobile phones compared to Movistar FusiĆ³n’s most basic rates. In addition, some even see a replica of O2’s flagship product within Movistar itself. Be that as it may, the rate can already be hired and it does so with a special offer that we detail below.

Placing yourself among the best fiber optic rates is not an easy task, but Movistar wants its new Connect MAX be one of the preferred modalities for those looking for fiber and mobile. With a starting price somewhat above 50 euros per month, this modality guarantees us 600 symmetric Mbps and a mobile phone with 25GB, an amount that is usually placed one step below unlimited data.

Movistar Connect Max offer

The Movistar Conecta Max rate is already available in the Movistar website. This offers us a fixed line with the fee included and all calls to national landlines included, a symmetrical 600 Mbps Internet connection (ADSL or Internet Radio in areas without coverage), Movistar Smart WiFi or HGU router and a mobile line with 25GB of unlimited data, calls and SMS.

Its price is 54.90 euros per month without permanence, 4.90 euros above O2, but being compatible with the financing of mobile terminals or with additional lines at half price. In addition, at Movistar we will have access to promotions and offers, something that is not the domain of its second brand. Without going any further, the Movistar Conecta Max promotion allows us to get the rate for 39.90 euros for the first 3 months.

This applies to new fixed Internet registrations that contract the rate until July 31, 2020. Afterwards, the price of the rate will return to 54.90 euros. Among other conditions, we have active the pay per use when exceeding the data rate. The client will pay a price of 3 cents per mega up to an additional 4 GB, which can be modified at any time without cost.

Finally, we must remember that Movistar continues to apply a significant discount on its Infinite Contract that offers unlimited minutes, SMS and data together with Secure Connection or Movistar Cloud. Until July 1, 2020 we will be able to have this mobile-only rate for 24.95 euros for 12 months, with its usual price being 39.95 euros.