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Movistar Chile prepares for 5G commercial launch with Nokia. As part of this agreement, it will also upgrade the 4G and 4G + networks, reinforcing the critical backbone network in the country’s key markets.

This high-speed mobile technology will be supported by the operator’s fiber optics, which will allow the different mobile antennas deployed in cities to be interconnected.

Movistar turned to Nokia, within the framework of its multi-vendor policy, to modernize its mobile networks and support its growth ambitions, all with the aim of meeting the demands of consumers and companies that demand improved speeds and services.

Movistar Chile chooses Nokia for its 5G network.

The network will operate on the spectrum recently won by Movistar in Chile’s 5G auction – on the 3.5 GHz Band – and will take advantage of Nokia’s AirScale Radio Access portfolio to offer ultra-low latency, great connectivity and greater capacity, thereby opening a path to offer the future 5G to end users: individuals, SMEs and companies.

The Nokia AirScale portfolio It can be seamlessly upgraded from 4G / LTE to 5G / NR using a software-based upgrade to enable a seamless evolution to 5G deployments.

In addition to offering renewed mobile data services to consumers, the 5G network will allow access to 5G use cases to Movistar Empresas customers, with support included for the Industry 4.0, the public sector, healthcare innovations and private wireless technology.

Chile is the first country in Latin America to have a 5G auction

Chile is the first country in Latin America to have a 5G auction, this being the first step towards launching a commercial network. Movistar Chile acquired a 50 MHz bandwidth of spectrum available over the 3.5 GHz band, which will support better mobile broadband services in the country.

5G represents the natural evolution of mobile networks. In that sense, Telefónica Hispanoamérica is evaluating the right moment for its deployment in each market, taking steps towards network evolution in several countries.

Telefónica Hispanoamérica is evaluating the right moment for the deployment of 5G in each market

Antonio Bueno, Director of Technology at Movistar Chile, said: “We believe that 5G will bring enormous potential to the country, both for people and for the productive sectors. It is in this last area where the fifth generation will also be able to make the Connected Industry and the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality, thanks to its low latency, high speeds, and the ability to connect thousands of devices. From our company, and together with partners like Nokia, we will continue to accelerate the developments and innovations that Chile needs, also adding universities, startups, entrepreneurs, and other actors in the economy ”.

For its part, Osvaldo Di Campli, Nokia Latin America DirectorHe noted: “Latin America has a diverse mix of emerging markets and more established economies, yet this melting pot of consumer and commercial potential has so far been unable to experience the benefits of 5G. Chile represents the region’s hunger for growth and innovation, so we are very excited to work with Movistar for its 5G commercial network in this country to provide next-generation connectivity to businesses and end users. “

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