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Mother’s Day has arrived and quarantine is not a pretext to celebrate mom from home or from a distance. So here we give you a couple of recommendations that you can find on the Netflix platform and Amazon to spend this day with mom in the best way.

From comedies, romance, a bit of drama and why not, the odd tear when seeing or reliving some of our favorite stories that make us remember why our mother is one of the most special beings in our life.

Movies to watch with mom on her day

Fashion intern

It is a film that shows the best of being a modern mother and at the same time being a misunderstood daughter, it is a good way to feel identified with this film. What better than to see the beautiful Anne Hathaway together with Robert de Niro in a story full of comedy and at the same time wisdom.

Falling in love with my ex

See Meryl Streep discover love in new stages of her life, in addition to the relationship she has with her children, memories of her life as a wife and mother. It is one of those movies that makes us have a good time with excellent performances.

stay by me

Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon show us a story of a woman who learns the importance of being a mother with an expert mother. This story is a personal encounter between two women who have different points of view about motherhood and how little by little they understand each other.

Twins game

What better than to celebrate mom with the background music of Frank Sinatra with L.O.V.E while we take a tour of photographs, thoughts and emotions from the perspective of some girls of what it is to be a mom.

Mother’s day

Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson in the same movie representing different scenarios that show that being a mom is not an easy task but they are not alone and it is a learning journey that can be lived with other people.

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Mother’s day