Movies, comics or series? Bungie Expands to Bring Destiny Universe to Other Media

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Bungie has been very successful with Destiny, creating a passionate community for its universe. In order to deliver more content to keep you hooked, the studio announced its intention to expand to bring the Destiny universe to other media.

Through a statement, Bungie announced that it will expand in 2 ways. The first is with the arrival of Trace Harris and Pamela Kaufman (from Viacom CBS) to its board of directors. The other is by beginning the expansion of its offices, from being a headquarters of 84,000 square feet to more than 208,000 square feet.

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“We are grateful and honored that our independent success has allowed us to invest in talented people and offices this year and we are delighted to welcome Trace Harris and Pamela Kaufman to the board of directors,” said Paul Parson, CEO of Bungie. “The past few years have been one of tremendous growth and opportunity for Bungie. We are home to some of the greatest talent in the industry and we are excited to expand our talent pool and increase the resources to support them. ”

Bungie’s goal with these expansions is to allow the Destiny universe and its stories to reach other media. At the moment, it has not been specified more about what type of projects they want to undertake, but it can include films, series, shorts, comics, books or more. The point is that Destiny will become a multimedia franchise.

What is a fact is that Mark Noseworthy, vice president of Destiny Universe and Luke Smith, creative director, will be in charge of supervising and preparing this expansion. For his part, Justin Truman will take over the leadership of the team working on Destiny 2.

Bungie intends to work on more franchises

That Bungie is going to focus so much on Destiny 2 and the Destiny universe does not mean that that will be the only thing the company will prepare.

What happens is that, in its statement, Bungie mentioned that it has plans to work in more franchises. In fact, he explained that he hopes to launch at least one new IP before 2025. With all of the above, this is shaping up to be a very busy decade for development study.

And you, what do you think about Bungie’s plans? Do you think it will succeed with this expansion strategy? Tell us in the comments.

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