Moussa Gholam returns and wins by KO to Gamgebeli

The Moroccan fighter residing in Barcelona Moussa Gholam, intercontinental super featherweight champion, returned to the ring after almost twenty months of absence and beat the Georgian by KO in the first round Nukri Gamgebeli at the evening held last night at the pavilion Municipal of Badía del Vallés (Barcelona).

Moussa Gholam, 26 years old, a native of Larache (Morocco), showed himself to be in good shape and in the middle of the first round he ‘hunted’ his rival with a direct shot to the side that left him out of action.

After his last fight, on November 30, 2019 in Barcelona, ​​in which he beat the Thai in the tenth round by technical KO Suriya tatakhun and achieved the InterContinental title of the super feathers In the WBO version, Gholam, with a record of 16 fights (9 KOs), remains undefeated and has shown that he can continue to climb positions in the world rankings.

The Barcelona welterweight Iban Gallardo (12 wins, 10 losses and 2 void), who was also returning after a year and a half of absence, lost the points against the English Connor lynch, who remains undefeated after 7 fights.

The Moroccan cruiserweight Aazddin Aajour (4v 1d 2n) defeated the Swede David loy (10 wins and 2 losses) by TKO in the fourth round. There was no match between the English middleweight Gerome Warburton, undefeated with 6 wins and 1 no match against the Panamanian Jeffrey Rosales (9v 12d 3n).

In super welterweight, the English Sion Taxley, undefeated with 6 victories in as many fights, he beat Senegalese southpaw Ibrahima Sarr on points.

The triumphant debut of the Argentine also highlighted Ismael Flores who beat the Cuban resident in the Canary Islands by KO in the second round, Alberto Martin.

In the female category and in the flyweight, the Catalan Eva Diez surpassed the Italian point Consuelo Portolani.

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