The fair and decisive elimination of Tottenham against Leipzig will bring a queue. To begin with, the first consequence has been Mourinho’s cruel and extremely harsh attack on his players, who, as always, sought all the excuses except self-criticism when justifying defeat.


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“We are really in trouble. We are not even a team, we are a group of players who are available to play and try to build a team. We have no attackers and we do not harm opponents. It’s as simple as that. So our opponents feel very comfortable attacking us as they know we can’t hurt. “said the Portuguese.

The coach justified that he was optimistic at the press conference prior to the meeting. “Of course I was very positive yesterday. This is how I have to be all the time. I motivated the players, we believed, but we know that right now it is very, very difficult. The players gave what they could and that’s it. We made mistakes and we analyzed them in previous matches. It’s probably good to have difficult times. These are moments that can prepare the future in a better way, “he said.