Motorola and GuRu: wireless and remote charging

Can you imagine being able to charge your mobile wirelessly and remotely from the charger?

This is the Motorola G30. Its successor, possibly, can be charged wirelessly and remotely from the charger.

Motorola has announced an alliance with GuRu Wireless, a company specializing in wireless energy solutions, to collaborate on the project for wireless charging of the former’s smartphones. But this initiative goes further, because the intention is to power mobile phones up to 1 meter away from their charger.

GuRu RF Lensing charges devices in watts per meter, providing a new wave of power to consumer devices. This proprietary technology revolutionizes the consumer experience and helps eliminate energy as a daily concern. GuRu’s patented miniature modules will allow devices to be powered over a long range by precision power transfer. Motorola and GuRu will work together to meet Motorola’s rigorous quality, energy efficiency and safety requirements.

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