Motor and Sports increase their quota by 3 and 5 euros per month

The largest fixed and mobile operator in our country has adjusted rates, this time with regard to its digital television service: Movistar +. In recent weeks he has made some additions, such as the arrival of DAZN to his offer, and what was now playing was a price adjustment, and it has been up.

Movistar has decided to increase the monthly price of two of its sports packages for Movistar +. One of them is precisely the Sports pack, one of those that benefits from the arrival of DAZN on the platform. The other that also raises prices is the Motor package. Both go up 5 and 3 euros per month, respectively.

Three euros more a month in Motor, five in Sports

As we say, Movistar has decided to increase the price of its Sports and Motor packages. In the first of them, Movistar + Sports, Now we add the retransmissions that can be contracted independently in Motor if it is our only interest. For this package, the price will now go from 10 euros per month at present to 15 euros per month, although at the moment it enjoys a promotional price of 10 euros / month if we are Fusion clients.

In the case of Movistar + Motor, which allows us to extract these broadcasts if we do not want to access other types of sports content, the price increases from 7 euros per month to 10 euros per month. Here also applies the arrival of DAZN, which joins Motor to, among other things, return to Movistar + the broadcasts of the MotoGP competitions, which at the time left and are now returning under the DAZN umbrella. DAZN, by the way, also joins Sports.

Thus, Movistar raises prices. Three euros more a month in Motor and five euros more a month in Sports. In return we will have more variety of competitions and changes on the horizon, such as the Movistar Formula 1 that will become DAZN F1 in the month of March. The promotional price for Movistar + Deportes, by the way, will remain this way for new registrations until May 28, 2021. From then on it will cost 15 euros per month that current customers of the package will pay.

Via | ADSLZone