MOTOGP | The MotoGP victory

Circumstances are far from allowing launching the bells flying or pretending to be triumphant. In these tumultuous times, though, I’d say it doesn’t hurt either cling to hope, to the details that everyday life leaves us the little successes that are conquered in this damn pandemic of the COVID-19. Among them I think is the celebration of MotoGP World Championship, that almost miraculously ends this weekend in Portugal. Fortunately, there are many sports that they have managed to get ahead in such complex conditions, but the case of motorcycles was especially difficult due to its intrinsic characteristics and its monumental logistics: thousands of people moving every weekend from one country to another, with periods outside the protection bubble and a contact between those involved that, to be honest, is inevitably close many times.

Dorna, with his usual diligence and I would say almost clairvoyance, he quickly got to work to orchestrate a viable strategy. With Carmelo Ezpeleta at the controls, always a guarantee, have materialized a more than worthy contest, with exciting races, winners and losers, champions, survival of equipment and work for your staff … Most of the ingredients needed for a great World Cup except one, of enormous value but unfortunately impossible to add to the equation: fans on the circuits. The races have been followed by television and the press, but the warmth of the fans in the stands, in any sport, is something that it cannot be substituted in any virtual way. But everything will come, let’s trust. What happens now is recognize effort and victory, if you want relative, MotoGP on the pandemic.