This Tuesday, the City Council approved 14-0 a motion introduced by the councilman of the first district of Los Angeles, Gil Cedillo, which seeks Determine the possibility of clothes laundries offering discounts and free services to residents in greatest need.

The motion requires the Department of Water and Power (DWP) to prepare a report to the Council on the possibility of offer incentives and / or rebates to laundries that offer discounts and free services to residents. These incentives, in turn, they would help businesses reduce their water and energy costs. It would be a pilot program to be implemented in the first district of Los Angeles

“Low-income immigrant communities depend on laundries. Each and every one of the discounted or free laundry washes may seem minimal but essential to many of the families in our district, ”Councilman Cedillo said in a statement. “Particularly in the 1st district, we are faced with challenges that already existed prior to COVID-19: the challenges of poverty, immigration status, and density. This motion is an attempt to have a tool in our toolbox to help our people today, « added the councilor.

The motion is part of the package of 11 motions of « Response and relief of COVID-19 », which Cedillo introduced on July 29, in response to the crisis derived from the pandemic.

The first district encompasses MacArthur Park, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Echo Park, Westlake, Angelino Heights, Union Peak, and Adams-Normandie, among others.

Response and relief

In late July, Cedillo introduced a package of 11 motions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The councilor noted that many of today’s challenges they already existed before the appearance of the coronavirus.

“Particularly in the district we first faced challenges that pre-existed COVID-19. However, we increasingly see that These pre-existing conditions are now factors that increase the chance and likelihood that COVID-19 will negatively affect you« Said the councilor.

Cedillo stressed the importance not only of finding a response and quick relief to the situation, but also of “plan for the next days, weeks, months and years to come so that our people can get out of this. « 

Some of the motions presented by Cedillo include:

Pilot program to install social distance markings on the sidewalks for the street vendors. Map with City and County guidelines and regulations related to street vending.
Pilot program of public libraries related to “hotspots «  (to access the internet) for residents of low-income communities.

Post COVID-19 recovery motions

These are some of the motions for community recovery:

A report is requested from the Housing and Community Investment departments on the possibility of using vacant Airbnb units to be adapted as affordable housing.
Report from the Department of Recreation and Parks on a possible pilot program to designate areas of social distancing, so that Los Angeles parks can safely reopen.
Preparation and presentation of an ordinance of the Planning department, in collaboration with the City Attorney, requiring that in construction projects there is a provision that requires local hiring for all job occupations and opportunities related to the construction project.
Report from the Personnel Department with a list of jobs in the City and County of Los Angeles that require the applicant to have legal status. Discuss the possibility of hiring applicants regardless of your legal status.
Creating a program road to citizenship, through the works of the City, supporting undocumented employees.
Incentives for women and minority businesses to appear to compete for City contracts.

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