Hearing the woman’s screams, the neighbors went out and chased the kidnappers, but they let them escape after one pulled out a gun.

By: Web Writing

New Delhi.- A woman experienced moments of terror when she saw that two men were kidnapping her four-year-old daughter in a neighborhood of New Delhi.

The mother He relates that the little girl was playing at the door of her house, when two men arrived at her home on a motorcycle and asked her for a glass of water. The subjects took advantage of the neglect of the mother to get the girl from your house.

The screams of the girl They alerted the woman to the facts, who ran and threw herself against the motorcycle, throwing her and preventing the subjects from taking her daughter, snatching her from the arms of one of them who was carrying her.

The woman tried to stop one of them, but started on the motorcycle, while the neighbors chased them, however, they let them escape when one of them pulled out a gun.

Fortunately, the hijackers left the bike in place, which helped police locate one of the criminals.

In his interrogation, he revealed that it was the uncle of the girl who gave them a large sum of money to kidnap the girl.

Meanwhile, the uncle of the girl he confessed that he wanted extort to your brother.