Mother of Hispanic soldier found dead in New Mexico’s Rio Grande doubts she committed suicide

View of the Rio Grande River through the city of Roma, Texas.

Photo: ED JONES / AFP / Getty Images

Juan Muñoz’s mother, National Guard soldier found dead in New Mexico More than two months after his disappearance, he doubts that his son committed suicide as the authorities allege.

On February 21, Muñoz, 20, was reported to the New Mexico State Police as absent after he failed to show up for his training. Hours later, they will find his vehicle and his belongings on a bridge in the Taos community.

“I found out about the disappearance on the 21st, which was already the day after what had happened. When the officers came, they came to tell me that I was not there. First they came at around 4:30 to look for him, because they had reported that he was absent, and at around two hours they came back and told me that they had found the car because they tapped the phone, and they located him on the bridge, “said Elizabeth Muñoz to EnNYConMas.

“That day, they found the car and the belongings,” the woman clarified.

The interviewee said that her son had shown no signs of suffering from depression or any emotional problems.

“They say that because of the depression he had had … and because of the way they found the car and his belongings, that all this teaches them that he committed suicide,” he said.

Soldier Juan Muñoz had lost his girlfriend and an uncle

The fact that the military man lost his girlfriend and an uncle, according to the mother, had not affected him more than expected.

“At the beginning I was sad, just like any person who is living a mourning, because what we experience is mourning when we lose someone. Even if we express that nothing interests us anymore, it does not mean that we are going to end our life, “said the woman.

Mother rejects farewell note

The mother also denied that her son left the house angry or left a goodbye note, as the authorities mistakenly stated at first.

Supposed psychological evaluation on the agenda

The Mexican also thundered against the expressions of the New Mexico state police officer, Dusty Francisco, who reportedly indicated in an email that Muñoz had a mental evaluation on the agenda because he was suffering from emotional problems.

“It did bother me, because I am not going to allow them to want to dirty my son’s name by wanting to say false things,” he said.

The woman also questioned whether they would disclose that information after the lifeless body appeared.

Elizabeth said that she will continue to insist to fully clarify the death of her son, and that she even has a meeting scheduled with the state police soon, since she fears that her son was disappeared.

This week they confirmed the identity of the body found by the Rio Grande

This week, the authorities confirmed that the body recovered the previous one by the Rio Grande corresponds to that of the young man.

Muñoz’s lifeless body was found next to the bridge over the Rio Grande, a steel structure that spans the river gorge, about 10 miles northwest of Taos.

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