Mother kills 6 and 1-year-old daughters in Texas and then goes to the police station to call 911 from the lobby

Illustrative image of a crime scene.

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

A mother in Texas faces capital punishment for killing her two daughters, ages 1 and 6, and then calling 911 from a police station to report what she had done.

Madison McDonald, 30, was arrested on Monday in connection with the murder of 1-year-old Lillian Mae McDonald and 6-year-old Archer Hammond.

According to the authorities’ report, after the murder, McDonald arrived at about 10 p.m. at the Irving Police Department headquarters at 305 N. O’Connor Road, and used the phone in the lobby to call the 911 system.

The woman told the dispatcher of the emergency call that she had killed her daughters.

Following the call, officers went to the family home at Anthem Apartments in the 700 block of Cowboys Parkway.

Upon arriving at the scene, the agents found the bodies of the minors.

Robert Reeves, a public information officer for the Irving Police Department, told a news conference Tuesday that they believe the woman killed her daughters by straining them.

The police spokesman said that the woman’s behavior was calm when uniformed officers approached her in the “lobby” of the police station.

A CBS report indicates that the woman confessed to authorities that she had sedated her daughters before putting them to bed and suffocating them.

The suspect also told the officers at the police station that her daughters were being abused and that she would do whatever it took to protect them, including “eliminating” them.

It is not clear what the mother was referring to when she stated that the girls were abused.

“This is a horrendous incident in which two children were killed,” Reeves stated,

“It is possible that we will never know why, because there is not going to be a definition or reason that justifies the murder of these two little girls,” added the spokesperson.
Forensic authorities will determine the specific cause of death for both girls.
McDonald remains in Irving Prison without bail and faces charges of capital murder of persons under the age of 10.