Mother-in-law decides to change the name of her grandson without the mother knowing

The woman did not respect what was decided by her son and her partner.

Photo: Kristina Paukshtite / Pexels

Culturally, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law tends to be quite harsh, since for many situations they tend to star in confrontations that can drastically reduce the relationship of a family.

Generally, mothers-in-law are branded as nosy and meddlesome in their children’s marital affairs. Not all are like that; However, we cannot deny that there is one or another that intervenes too much in matters that are not theirs.

An example of this is what is narrated in an Internet forum by uA woman, who unleashed her fury against her mother-in-law after she decided to change her son’s name, without her knowing it and taking advantage of the fact that she was in the hospital.

It all happened within hours of giving birth to a baby that both she and her husband agreed to be named Finley; Nevertheless, her mother-in-law always opposed this name because she considered it not very masculine.

The woman then persuaded her son to register her grandson as Finlay, while her daughter-in-law was recovering in hospital, which the man did.

The baby’s mother never distrusted her husband, so it never occurred to her to review the papers of his son. The problem is that She learned the truth 2 months later when her mother-in-law sent her grandson a gift with a card with Finlay’s name on it.

It was then that the mother of the baby began to review the papers of her son and in effect, discovered that he was registered with the name that she did not choose, which unleashed a family problem that ended in the separation of the couple.

In addition, the mother is involved in a long legal process to be able to change the name of her baby with the one she had chosen.

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