Most viewed series and movies of the weekend on Netflix

Most viewed series and movies of the weekend on Netflix | Instagram

Some productions more views on Netflix this weekend have been “Red Sky Blood”, “Castamar’s Cook” and “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”, so if you haven’t seen them yet, this is the right time.

The truth is that the subscribers of the famous platform Netflix knows one thing very well, when a series or movie is released, they go and watch it until it becomes a trend on the platform, week after week.

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In fact, a bit of comedy, horror and romance is what Netflix has this weekend in the top 10 of the most viewed series and movies in Mexico.

So you better prepare the popcorn, the soft drinks and make yourself comfortable because here we tell you all the details.

Below the trends that are right now in the Netflix catalog:


Netflix trends

“Blood Red Sky”

“The Last Love Letter”

“War of Neighbors”



“The Cook of Castamar”

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation”

“TrollHunters: Rise of the Titans”

“Sex / Life”

“Fake identity”

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