There is very little left for us to return to watch basketball live. In fact, from now on we will be able to see the teams train, because the 22 franchises that are going to compete for the title of the 2019/20 season are already installed in their hotels in the Disney world resort of Orlando.

Yesterday at the last minute the Portland Trail Blazers landed, the Philadelphia 76ers led by a Joel Embiid who looked like he was going to get into Chernobyl because of the protective suit he was wearing and, the most anticipated, Los Angeles Lakers of a Lebron James that, unlike other stars like Kawhi Leonard or James Harden, if he has arrived in Florida with his team.

The « local » team in this new adventure, Orlando Magic, has already trained and the rest of the teams will be doing it in the next few hours. Florida star Nikola Vucevic is delighted to be back: « It’s great to be back after four months. We’ve all missed him so much. »

Other teams that have already trained in the bubble this Thursday have been Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards and Ricky Rubio’s Phoenix Suns. It is expected that starting tomorrow, Saturday, the 22 teams will be constantly training in the 7 training camps that are available.

The preparation matches will begin on July 22 and the expected return of the competition, to be able to see real live basketball, will be on the 30th.