Most Mexicans perceive that the vaccine will still take

Despite the recent news about the advances in the vaccine against COVID-19, the majority of Mexicans maintain the belief that the vaccine will still take some time to be ready, according to the most recent national survey by EL FINANCIERO.

According to the study, 36 percent of those interviewed believe that the vaccine will be ready soon, while 56 percent believe that it will still take time. Those proportions are identical to those that were recorded last August.

Some laboratories announced in recent days that they already have a vaccine that is 90 percent effective. When asked if that percentage of effectiveness is acceptable or not, 51 percent said yes and 43 percent no, with 6 percent saying they don’t know. Despite this division of opinion, the vast majority of those interviewed, 85 percent, think that the vaccine, when it is ready, will help to return to normal activities. 52 percent think it will help a lot and 33 percent that it will help something.

Citizens believe that the vaccine against COVID-19 will take timeCitizens believe that the vaccine against COVID-19 will take time

According to the study, 20 percent of those interviewed have been tested for COVID-19; of them, 16 percent came out negative and 4 percent positive.

Few citizens have been tested for COVID-19Few citizens have taken the COVID-19 test

Additionally, 61 percent claimed to personally know cases of contagion, including 23 percent who said it was a relative, while 32 percent said they had personally known someone who died of coronavirus, including 8 percent You mentioned a family member.

Most respondents knew someone infected or deceased by COVID-19Most respondents knew someone infected or deceased by COVID-19

These days it will be reaching the figure of 100,000 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19. Given this, 43 percent said that something was done wrong, it is a high number of deaths, while 39 percent said that it is expected from a pandemic like this, and 16 percent said that the number is low, it could be a lot worse. These percentages are very similar to those registered in early October, when the mark of 80 thousand deaths from COVID-19 was reached. The increase to one hundred thousand has not changed the perception.

Citizens believe that something was done wrong against the pandemicCitizens believe that something was done wrong against the pandemic

However, 61 percent of those interviewed support maintaining the restrictions and isolation measures, compared to 36 percent who prefer reopening and normal activities.

According to the new survey, the percentage of people who believe that infections are on the rise fell from 60 to 46 percent in three weeks, from October 24 to November 14, while the percentage who believe that we are at the peak of infections rose from 19 to 31 percent. In contrast, those who believe that we are already getting out of the problem, infections are decreasing, they were at 20 percent, as in the previous survey.

Respondents foresee a rise in COVID-19 infectionsRespondents foresee an increase in infections due to COVID-19

According to the survey, those interviewed who said they were very concerned about the coronavirus add up to 55 percent, while those who are somewhat worried are 29 percent, and those who are little or not worried 16 percent.


National survey conducted by telephone to 410 Mexican adults on November 14, 2020. A probabilistic sampling of residential and cell phones was carried out in the 32 states. With a 95% confidence level, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 4.8 percent.

Sponsorship: THE FINANCIAL.

Realization: Alejandro Moreno.