File photo. A man checks the exchange rate on an electronic whiteboard in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March, 2020. . / Sergio Moraes

BOGOTÁ, Jun 23 (.) – Most Latin American currencies and exchanges rose on Tuesday, fueled by more encouraging data on global activity, and investors waiting for a recovery in demand that, together with stimulus from central banks reduced risk aversion.

* « These factors provide a space for the valorization of raw materials, which is why Latin American currencies register significant gains released by the Brazilian real and the Colombian peso, » said Carolina Monzón, head of economic analysis at Itaú in Colombia.

* The historic downturn in the euro zone economy eased again this month, thanks to the reopening of broad business sectors that had had to close to curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to a survey.

* The IHS Markit Preliminary Composite Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), considered a good indicator of economic health, rebounded to a reading of 47.5 in June from 31.9 in May , approaching the 50 mark that separates growth from contraction. In April it sank to a record low of 13.6.

* For Edward Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA, risk appetite continues after global data from the International Monetary Fund showed that the economic revival is underway and exceeding all expectations.

* The Mexican peso appreciated 0.43% at 22.4082 per dollar, while the benchmark S & P / BMV IPC stock index rose 0.25% to 38,217.68 points.

* In Brazil, the real gained 2.26% to 5.1531 units per dollar; while the Bovespa stock index rose 0.69% to 95,992.55 points.

* In Argentina, the peso fell 0.09% to a record low of 70.03 / 70.04 units per dollar, while on the stock market the Merval index gained 1.14% to 40,803.56 units.

* The Colombian peso rose 1.24% to 3,701.50 units per dollar, while the exchange’s benchmark index, COLCAP, lost 1.56% to 1,143.28 points.

* The Chilean peso closed operations with a drop of 0.22%, to 818.30 / 818.60 units per dollar, in a day of high volatility. Meanwhile, the main index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, the IPSA, gained 0.83% to 4,031.73 points.

* In Peru, the currency depreciated 0.43% to 3,522 / 3,523 units, with the intervention of the Central Bank that placed exchange swaps for 200 million soles against short positions of local banks and purchase of company dollars. The benchmark for the Lima Stock Exchange rose 0.56%.

Quotes at 2100 GMT

Stock indices Quote Var pct Var pct

daily in the year

MSCI Emerging markets 1,000.19 -0.12 -10.27

MSCI Latin America 1,952.81 0.66 -33.07

Bovespa Brasil 95,975.16 0.67 -17,0091

CPI Mexico 38,217.68 0.25 -12.23

Argentina MerVal 40,803.56 1,138 34.62

COLCAP Colombia 1,143.28 -1.56 -31.23

IPSA Chile 4,031.73 0.83 -21.02

Selective Peru 450.03 0.56 -12.16

Dollar against currencies Quote Var pct Var pct

daily in the year

Brazilian real 5.1522 0.04 -21.99

Mexican peso 22,4082 0.43 -15.52

Chilean peso 818.3 0 -7.92

Colombian peso 3,698.25,701.50 -0.07 -11.22

Peruvian sol 3.5217 -0.46 -5.93

Argentine peso 70.03 0 -14.37

(Report by Luis Jaime Acosta. Additional report by Froilán Romero and María Cervantes.)