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When saving your WhatsApp data, you may encounter certain problems that prevent the correct development of the save. These are the solutions you should use.

The WhatsApp backup is a tool that you should use to save all the content that you share on the messaging platform and thus be able to recover it if you lose your mobile, it is stolen or switch to using a new smartphone. When saving the backup, you may experience a number of common problems that, although they seem like a headache, they have easy solutions.

This WhatsApp backup can be automatic, a good option to avoid having to be pending every day to do it. But it can also be Handbook, also very useful, but that can lead to a number of problems. Next, we see what inconveniences you can suffer when making or restoring a backup on the Android platform and how to fix them.

These are the problems, and solutions, that you can find when making a backup of WhatsApp.

You can’t restore a Google Drive backup

A problem that you may encounter when using WhatsApp on a new mobile or when restoring the data of the app is that the application do not recognize the latest backup that you saved, so you can’t access old files and conversations. As reported by WhatsApp in its help center, you can also encounter problems when trying to restore a backup that you saved in Google Drive. First of all, you need to make sure that you are using the same Google account and the same phone number where you saved the copy.

In addition, you also have to verify that the terminal has enough free memory to restore the saved copy, and that it has the application Google Play Services installed. Another solution is to have the mobile with battery charged or connected to a power source, always with a strong and stable Internet connection. If this doesn’t work, try log out again and log in again so that WhatsApp, this time, recognizes the last copy of your user.

Backup does not exceed 99%

If you are saving a backup and the process does not pass 99%, what you can do is stop it and start it again from 0 so that, this time, it is fully realized

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Backups are very slow

If your backups are very slow and you must spend several minutes to save them completely, there are several solutions that you can apply to make WhatsApp backups faster. The first one goes through delete large files that you no longer use. You can do it from the “Storage and data” section, created specifically by WhatsApp to free up space.

Second, for faster backups you should empty all those conversations that no longer serve you. By last, disable backup of videos Going to Settings> Chats> Backup, deactivate the “Include videos” box. With these 3 procedures, you will get your backups saved in less time.

The preparation process takes too long

When you do a WhatsApp backup, you have to wait for an initial preparation time that can take too long. If this is your problem, something common in devices with Android 11, it may be due to the battery optimization tool. To solve it, try to deactivate this function on your mobile so that the preparation process does not take so long.

Backup does not finish or is canceled automatically

Finally, another common problem that you may experience when backing up WhatsApp is that data storage never ends or is automatically canceled. In this case, the problem may also derive from battery optimization enabled on the smartphone. One of the solutions is to make sure that this tool is disabled.

These are the most common problems you may encounter when backing up or restoring WhatsApp. As you see, the solutions you can use are very simple, so do not hesitate to apply them to be able to store all your data in the cloud and access them later.

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