Mortensen passes review in Denmark

04/07/2021 at 11:28 PM CEST

The return of Casper Mortensen under the command of Xavi Pascual it seems urgent after the injury of Aitor Ariño. The left winger has been orphaned and Àlex Pascual is the only piece that the Barça coach has for this position.

But it seems that his reappearance is already around the corner since it evolves very favorably from the tear of the external meniscus of the left knee that has kept him off the court since October 31 when he was injured in the game against Swan.

This Thursday, the Danish winger has traveled to his country where he underwent surgery to pass, in theory, what will be the last review to really see what the state of his knee is and decide if you can join the group next week, work with your colleagues and little by little recover the physical tone that you lack after so many months without competing.

They want him ready for the quarterfinals of the Champions League

The idea is that Mortensen can enter a call in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, whose first leg will be played on May 12, while the return leg is scheduled for May 19.

This Thursday Barça will meet their rival in the quarterfinals who will start from the tie between Meshkov Brest and HC Motor They face the return of the round of 16 with a slight advantage for the Ukrainian team that won 32-30 in the first leg.