If you want to restart or modify a story, nothing better than introducing time travel. Mortal Kombat 11 did it and with its expansion Aftermath seeks to give a temporary closure to everything that happened with these characters from the present, past and future

Frying and eating

Things with Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath They have been very fast. A couple of weeks ago a teaser, then the official trailer, some advancements from the fighters and now the launch trailer. This new expansion wants to reach our consoles as soon as possible and thus be able to know the outcome of this story.

This latest preview focuses precisely on that, letting us see again its main characters and their motivations, good or bad. I hope they also seek to close the stories of other fighters who were appearing in the different acts of the base game, but whose outcomes remained in the air.

We can also see the news in terms of fighters, scenarios, fatalities and friendships, a bloody delight that Netherrealm studios are already used to.

Dream Matches

One of the interesting themes of the last Mortal Kombat has been the inclusion of characters that are part of popular culture. Spawn, Batman, Joker are some of them. For this occasion, Aftermath brings us to Robocop and one of the base game DLC already offered us Terminator, this is how we can have this unthinkable fight.

Very faithful to both characters, the battle is slow, but not for that less bloody. Each one with its arsenal is capable of destroying the enemy and, needless to say, special attacks or fatalities. Quite a show that not even hollywood could bring us.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath will arrive in stores on May 26, 2020, both the expansion and a version that contains the base game and this new adventure. Some elements such as scenarios and friendships come free to all players.