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The Lord of the rings It has gone down in history as one of the great film sagas, but two decades after the release of the first installment, many have pointed out that there is a problematic detail, the lack of diversity. Most of the characters are white and the few colored characters that appear are covered in makeup to bring evil orcs to life or are part of the enemy’s ranks. Now that Amazon is developing a series based on the universe of The Lord of the rings, a Mortal Kombat actor – 74% have criticized the lack of diversity.

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Since the first actors of the cast of The Lord of the rings, The fans noticed that it was a much more diverse cast than that of the movies, as it has several actors of color, although they are not the majority. However, this doesn’t seem like enough for Ludi Lin, charged with bringing Liu Kang to life in the recent reboot of Mortal Kombat, premiered on HBO Max and theaters a few weeks ago.

Lin’s comment is the response to recent statements by the producer Jennifer salke, who in a round table of The Hollywood Reporter declared that the world is huge and therefore requires an equally huge budget. The Chinese-Canadian actor protested that, despite including some actors of color, the show has not revealed Asian actors yet:

It’s going to be difficult to justify building a ‘huge world’ without any Asian-looking characters. Turn that imagination to us Jennifer Salke. It is not difficult, we are here.

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Among the actors of color that Amazon has announced for the series of The Lord of the rings we have the British Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi; the Puerto Rican Ismael Cruz Cordova; to the australian Tyroe muhafidin already Sophia nomvete, British of African and Iranian descent, among others. It may not be enough to Ludi lin, but it’s a big step forward considering the lack of diversity in Peter Jackson’s films.

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