Morocco accuses Spain of “instrumentalizing” the European Parliament

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya and her Moroccan counterpart, Nasser Burita, in a file image. (Photo: . via .)

Morocco does not let up in the open crisis with Spain. The Moroccan Government has accused Spain of “instrumentalizing” the European Parliament to settle the diplomatic conflict between the two countries, after the approval of a resolution that censures the actions of Rabat regarding the events in Ceuta. Morocco insist that the causes of the disagreement with Spain remain unsolved. Rabat wants Spain to assume its position on Western Sahara.

As it has been doing in recent days, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticized Spain’s efforts to “Europeanize” the crisis and has insisted on the purely “bilateral” nature of the conflict.

“The instrumentalization of the European Parliament in this crisis is counterproductive,” the Foreign Ministry defended in a statement. “Far from contributing to the solution, it is part of a logic of political escalation in the short term,” he warned. Morocco disfigures what it understands as a maneuver by Spain that “seeks to avoid the debate on the deep reasons for the crisis.”

The instrumentalization of the European Parliament in this crisis is counterproductive Official postua of Morocco.

Rabat has once again played the migration card. And he has denounced that those who try to criticize Morocco in this area are the ones who “actually benefit the most from the concrete results” of cooperation in this area.

The Alawite kingdom has claimed that, since 2017, migratory cooperation has made it possible to abort more than 14,000 attempts at irregular immigration, the dismantling of 5,000 human trafficking networks, the rescue of 80,500 migrants at sea, in addition to having prevented “innumerable attempts assault ”. For this reason, he denies having used minors to lobby.

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