Morena will seek the reelection of 6 mayors in Mexico City – Agence SEO

This Wednesday the Morena party announced the preliminary results of its internal polls by which the 16 candidates who will run for the different mayoralties in Mexico City were announced, six of them will seek to repeat the position.

The councilors who will seek re-election are Clara Brugada in Iztapalapa, Armando Quintero in Iztacalco, Francisco Chiguil in Gustavo A. Madero, Vidal Llarenas in Azcapotzalco, Juan Carlos Acosta in Xochimilco and Víctor Hugo Romo in Miguel Hidalgo. That is, 6 of the 11 current Morenoist leaders seek to be in charge of their demarcations for another three years.

Meanwhile, at least six candidates seek to “make the leap” from the local congress to the mayoralties, such is the case of Gabriela Osorio who goes through Tlalpan, Paula Soto through Benito Juárez, Eduardo Santillán through Álvaro Obregón, Carlos Castillo through Coyoacán, Roberto Candia by Cuajimalpa and Evelyn Parra by Venustiano Carranza.

Meanwhile, in the remaining mayoralties there is Judith Vanegas as a candidate for Milpa Alta, Adriana Guadalupe for Tláhuac, Patricia Ruíz for Magdalena Contreras and the Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Dolores Padierna, who will run for Cuauhtémoc.