In an effort to continue with the republican austerity policy —in times of the coronavirus epidemic-, the bench Brunette in the Chamber of Deputies He has already looked at 44 trusts to save a few coins and thus help in the cause to gather resources for the fight against COVID-19. So said the brunettes. However, this proposal would wipe out funds for culture. More precisely for Mexican cinema with FIDECINE.

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Morena’s proposal was presented on Wednesday May 20 at the Permanent Commission, triggering criticism from the cultural union and journalists. Why? The reasons go.

Morena proposes to disappear FIDECINE

The arguments that Morena used is that these 44 trusts concentrate 91 billion pesos, that they could well serve the Federal government to work in the coronavirus emergency.

To do it, Morena’s initiative proposes to modify 14 laws: The Law for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, the Law for International Development Cooperation, the Hydrocarbons Law, the Electricity Industry Law, the Federal Budget and Fiscal Responsibility Law, the Organic Law of the National Finance Company for Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fishing Development, of the Federal Rights Law, of the Science and Technology Law, of the Customs Law, of the Railway Service Regulatory Law, of the General Law of Physical Culture and Sport, from the Federal Cinematography Law, and the Law that Creates the Trust to Manage the Social Support Fund for Former Mexican Migrant Workers is repealed.

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And what is wrong with pooling resources for the fight against COVID-19? Well… it seems the brunettes have set their sights on the sectors that receive less federal resources each year. Like culture

As we mentioned, this initiative hits the Investment Fund and Stimuli for Cinema (FIDECINE) —totally ending support for the independent industry and hundreds of film workers.

And he is down. In itself, on April 2, a presidential decree came into force that already eliminated one of the trusts that supported national cinema. So, with the disappearance of FIDECINE, Mexico would run out of resources to put together creative projects and promote cinema Independent “Homemade”.

That is to say, cinema made in Mexico.

Filmmakers, producers and journalists have already come out to protest against this initiative —Presented by the former delegate of Cuauhtémoc, Dolores Padierna. And faced with criticism, Morena deputy Mario Delgado tried to correct the speech with this message:

“The Mexican government is making an extraordinary effort to face the economic impact of COVID-19. Sin indebted the country. The extinction of trusts goes in that direction. We will review each case proposed in today’s initiative with great responsibility and sensitivity. ”


But this is just a tweet, and the concern about this initiative continues latent until Brunette do not revive in Commissions.