Morena Profile training, delayed due to not defining candidates

Teodoro Santos

Pachuca / 23.02.2021 15:49:49

The training of candidates for federal and local seats will be affected due to the delay in the definition of the candidacies from the National Elections Commission (CNE), recognized the Secretary of Political Training of Brunette in Hidalgo, Carlos Mendoza Alvarez.

By not having an estimated date for the appointment of the candidates who will run for the federal and local council, The work to guarantee that the profiles that access the candidacy have the adequate tools to carry out the campaign process, as well as to play a good role in the position if they win the favor of the citizen’s vote, are being kept without progress. referred.

Due to this situation and due to the fact that the dates on which the candidates for the Local Congress will be certain, which is estimated for March 20, will be the limit to issue the registration of the formulas before the local electoral body, This training and training work should be solved once the Morena flag-bearers access the seat, so that this will give certainty that they will be legislators who carry out a good job.

“We are working with the National Institute of Political Training on issues of municipalism, in which the current presidents and presidents are already included, as well as some of the future candidates for the extraordinary election in Ixmiquilpan and Acaxochitlán; But in terms of deputies, this process is greatly affected because there was a schedule to take a previous approach course and what we do not want or that is not the idea, is that it takes us days from the registration before the Local Public Electoral Organism ( OPLE), but it is what is causing this delay in the decision of the national leadership ”, he said.

Finally, Mendoza Álvarez pointed out that They do not have the possibility, nor the intention, to subtract days of the electoral campaign from the profiles that access the candidacy, for which they must carry out these trainings once this process is concluded and limit it only to those who have been elected, this without subtracting the support for each of the applicants to carry out their proselytizing activity,

“We guarantee that once we are elected we will have all the tools to train in the party newspaper. There is already an army of colleagues in the streets talking about the Morena project and distributing the publication of ‘Regeneración’ and that can give us the advantage in the territory of the state, only a few days of training would have to be paid for the profiles that are elected to that there are no profiles who do not know what they have to do when they reach public office ”.