More Xbox Series X / S now support Dolby Vision HDR

If you have a television with Dolby Vision technology and an Xbox Series X / S console, today is your day. Microsoft just enabled this long-awaited HDR format for members of the Insider program’s alpha ring.

Those of Redmond assure that this new function will offer «brighter lights, sharper contrast and vibrant colors«. This translates into a better visualization, not only of dark scenes, but also of light ones.

For months we have known that the current generation of Xbox console would be compatible with the new Dolby Vision standard, a feature that, at the moment, has not been announced for the PlayStation 5.

The most exciting thing about the announcement, mainly for Microsoft team gamers, is that the Xbox Series X / S have become the first consoles to support this Enhanced HDR viewing format.

How to configure Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X / S?

If you have a compatible TV, you can configure Dolby Vision as follows: go to Settings> Display and sound> Video output> Video mode. There you will find “Allow Dolby Vision«.

Microsoft says that Dolby Vision support should be easier for users to use. This is possible thanks to the fact that once enabled, «supported games are displayed in the best possible light«.

However, from Redmond they indicate that a firmware update may need to be installed on televisions “To get the most out of this technology with Xbox”.

According to a test conducted by Forbes, Dolby Vision effectively improves the brightness, black and saturation levels of games. However, the function appears to be limited to 60Hz, but work is in progress to raise it to 120Hz.

Until now, Microsoft hasn’t specifically announced when Dolby Vision will arrive for all Xbox users.. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, as of today the “alpha ring” is available for Insider users.

The first games to support this new feature are Borderlands 3, Gears 5, and Halo: Master Chief Collection. Microsoft says it will announce more compatible games later.

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First steps in the Insider program

If you are interested in the function and you are already looking for a way to sign up for the Insider program, here are some information for you to take into account before taking that step.

Xbox Insider Program users can access features and games that are still in development. This is used to help improve the content before it is released for everyone.

There are different levels, but since we are talking about the Dolby Vision function we are going to focus specifically on one. The alpha ring is on a higher level, making it accessible by invitation only.

To access it, download the “Xbox Insider Hub” app on your console, verify the login requirement (usually a survey), and sign up. Later you will receive a message from Microsoft with news.

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