More uncovered! Belinda is shown on video from a balcony

More uncovered!  Belinda is shown on video from a balcony (Instagram)

More uncovered! Belinda is shown on video from a balcony | Instagram

With a stylized figure, one of the outstanding features that characterize the singer Belinda, possessor of great talent and indisputable beauty, the 28-year-old artist had no qualms about showing herself more uncovered than ever from a balcony in Acapulco. What will she say Christian nodal?

Through a series of videos that the pretty Belinda shared on her Instagram account, she left her “belifans” speechless when they appreciated her beauty in all its splendor, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, uncovered herself as she rarely does and this could not please her partner, the Sonoran.

The truth is that the “pop star“She looks delighted where the climate of the place seemed to her the best condition to shed some clothes and wear a very small beach outfit, which she modeled in a series of videos that he shared in his stories.

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Therefore, taking into account that the content that is shared in this alternative stops appearing in a few hours, many of its followers will have already appreciated all the details.

In the scenes of two of the video clips, the model appears from the back, at one point she turns her gaze to the camera and shows herself from the front, “Beli“He would captivate his fans with a cute and mischievous look.

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The recording has no sound, however the “latin pop princess“It would give clues about where he is, since in the videos there is a small box that reads @lASBRISASACAPULCO, in addition to the fact that in another of the clips he presumes the card of the room where he would stay.

The interpreter of “Boba nice girl”, “Dopamine”, “Light without gravity”, etc., has left her innocent air behind to reveal to everyone that she is not only capable of conquering them with her voice but also with her marked silhouette.

On this occasion, the beaches of Acapulco were the best setting to show off her curvy figure in a two-piece set.

Gone are those years when a ten-year-old girl ventured into show business as an actress and stood out in a short time in “child star“and now in a woman who has mastered various spaces with her artistic abilities.

The world of acting and music have surrendered at her feet, today Belinda has achieved many of the dreams that she proposed in this career and intends to continue reaping successes.

His return to television has been preceded by important projects within reality shows that have given him projection on the screen and his career, programs such as “La Voz México”, and soon another of its editions, “The voice Kids“where she prepares to be one of the” coaches “of the program again.

This will be a somewhat different experience for the star, to that of his last two collaborations, this time he will lead small talents to triumph.

On the other hand, although at this time, Belinda has given her heart to the famous regional artist, Christian Nodal, that does not prevent her from continuing to delight and pamper her followers who follow her through her Instagram account, @belindapop.

Social networks is another of the spaces where “influencer“She has expanded her empire, exploiting other facets such as” model “and” businesswoman. “

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Her great popularity has also made her the cover of important magazines, as well as her romance with the Sonoran and author of songs like “Adiós amor”, “De los besos que te di te”, etc. have kept her on target of the controversy.