A woman covers her legs with black plastic bags and the rest of the body with a cloak of the same color. Her eyes are barely visible behind the mask, while she waits for the coffin to leave the morgue of the Sermesa hospital in Managua.

I can not speak. The difficulty it goes through prevents it. His patient failed to overcome the evil and they have called him to receive his remains and, of course, to take him director to bury. There will be no wake, or company of friends of yesteryear and recent to accompany them in this hour of pain.

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Deaths in the context of the pandemic due to Coronavirus do not stop in the country, although those who always haunt the area -be it for work or because they also have a patient who fights against the aggressive virus- assure that the number of coffins that were being watched in one morning in that hospital weeks ago it has changed. Now they are less; Before, up to six could be counted in less than an hour, but now a LA PRENSA journalistic team sees only one, while touring the medical centers around 9:00 in the morning.

The mechanism is the same: the relatives arrive at the morgue, the funeral home removes the body with all the safety regulations and begins the journey to the cemetery. Everything must be done quickly.

Although government authorities minimize the impact of the pandemic in the country, reality contradicts it. LA PRENSA / Jader Flores

Straight to the cemetery

The relative of this deceased person had waited more than ten minutes outside the morgue when a hospital worker appears. They talk and at the same time, the doors of the morgue open. Immediately, the funeral workers stuffed in black suits enter, after about five minutes, they are seen again, they leave the medical center with their painful load. This is a coffin that they put into the hearse.

At 11:22 am they left the hospital directly for the Managua general cemetery, located in the Monseñor Lezcano neighborhood. Two trucks accompanied the journey to their final home.

The strategy of the Orteguista regime now is to try to hide the continuity of the pandemic, which became more evident with the express burials and the multiplication of Covid-19 cases. This is perceived when going through the German Nicaraguan hospital or the Vélez Paiz, which treat cases of the new coronavirus.

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In previous months, especially in May, the lines of family members of patients waiting to know about the status of their loved one was part of the daily panorama in the German hospital. Now, those same sidewalks where people tried to cover themselves from the sun with newspapers or rags are desolate. Silence prevails in the area. People should wait to be called to find out how their family member has evolved.

The health worker Alejandro Lagos has already warned that the population is staying at home due to the mistrust of attending hospitals. At home, they treat Covid-19 infections, which in a certain way, has affected fewer cases that are perceived in hospitals. However, this does not mean that the pandemic is under control, he noted. People who keep coming out of hospitals, straight to the cemetery, uphold their warning.