The End Quarantine Music Fest is a festival with more than thirty artists who will offer small live concerts, and which has been organized by the production company The appointment will be on May 16 and 17, that is, Saturday and Sunday, at 8:05 p.m. (after applause) through the official Instagram account @mitrampolin.

The idea is to gradually dismiss this confinement with the best live music and thus entertain Saturday and Sunday nights with great artists. Singers who promise to give everything from their homes. This initiative joins the one that Mi Trampolín organized already in March, with the title “Déjate TV Music Fest” in the first weeks of confinement with the television channel “Déjate TV”, which you can tune in through Madrid’s DTT and online worldwide through its website:

The platform, Dedicated largely to artists, she knows that they are going through hard times, so this festival is in a way a way of supporting them, publicize and pay tribute to all the singers, musicians, actors, dancers … who have seen their future work cut short by the virus crown.


The festival will be presented on Saturday by Jorge Castaño @jorgecastanotv director of Mi Trampolín and presenter among other programs of “Con la piel de gallina”, a space for interviews and live performances that can be seen from Monday to Sunday on DTT “Déjate TV”. Elena Bella, singer and presenter of the musical program “Gran Vía Broadway corner” on DTT “Déjate TV” will be in charge of presenting this space on Sunday.


Cristina del Valle (Dangerous Friendships), Famous (Last winner of Operación Triunfo), Tenesoya (Popstars). among many other artists, they will be in charge of transmitting all their energy, talent and positivism in these difficult times. We will also travel to Mexico to listen to Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra (Winner Operación Triunfo 2) and Mexican Yael from the successful group LemonGrass.. Laughter is guaranteed for the end of the concert as the finishing touch on Saturday will be given by the singer-songwriter “Pupi Poisson” who will sing his well-known song “Macedonia”.

Like this virus we stop it among all, in @mitrampolin, lWe make music among all of us and that is that each artist will play two songs and they will have a short interview where we will not only know their professional career, but also, we will bring out its funniest side.
The journalist Bárbara Caffarel together with the Déjate TV team, will be in charge of coordinating all the details and In Streaming connections of the event so that the quality and all the details are assured.


We will have some exceptional sponsors: the singer and singing teacher Edith Salazar (Former Director of Operación Triunfo) and singer and writer David Lafuente (Former member of the Auryn group). The godparents will be interviewed at 8:05 p.m. opening the festival and they will also delight us with some of their themes.