More than half of the population believes that “more demanding measures” should be taken against the covid

The terraces, full in Santander, before closing at midnight on July 3, 2021. (Photo: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce / Europa Press via .)

56.1% of the Spanish population considers that “more demanding measures” should be taken against the coronavirus, just as the communities are announcing the decline in their de-escalation due to the advance of the epidemic. This is reflected in the barometer of the Sociological Research Center (CIS), published this Wednesday and prepared between July 2 and 15 with almost 4,000 participants.

In this survey, 89.2% of people reveal that the coronavirus crisis worries them a lot or a lot, mainly due to the effects of the pandemic on health (37.8%), followed by its effects on the economy and the economy. employment (29.2%).

In this same survey, more than half of those surveyed (56.1%) believe that, as the situation in Spain is evolving, more restrictions should be applied against the virus, while 27.8% of the people believe that “we can continue as we are.”

Regarding the health situation, the majority of the population (61.6%) think that “the worst is over”, but 18.2% believe that “we are still in the worst moment” and one in ten people say that “the worst is yet to come.”

Almost one in three respondents recognize that they have had to resort to health services for issues related to the coronavirus, and more than half of them have done so through Primary Care, already saturated in this fifth rebound, and in general throughout the pandemic.

Better the national government than the communities

When asked about the management of the pandemic, the vast majority of citizens (69.7%) would like there to be a “collaboration” between the Government of the nation and the autonomous communities, while 14.1% I would prefer that the Government of Spain take the reins, and 8.7% would like the autonomous communities to lead the fight against the virus.

More than half of the population (54.7%) also agree that “most” of the people “are reacting with civility and solidarity” to the pandemic, although one in three respondents think that, in general, people she is being “uncivil and undisciplined.”

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Three out of four Spaniards acknowledge that the pandemic is affecting them in their personal life, be it “somewhat”, “quite a bit” or “a lot”. For one in three, the coronavirus is the main problem that currently exists in Spain, followed by the economic crisis and unemployment.

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